Group 3d, BOB & BOS, 2x NordicCh

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17/7 Tornio Fin, Breed Judge Jarmo Hilpinen, Group Kimmo Mustonen

Group 3d, BOB, Nordic CAC & New Nordic Champion
NW-21 DKW-19 NORDJW-18 MultiCh Top CCD 21/20
Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home ”Uma”

BOS with Nordic CAC & New Nordic Champion
DKW-21 NW-21 DKW-19 NW-19 NW-18 KBHW-18 Multich BIS BISS Top CCD 17
Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine ”Morgan”

4th best bitch and open class winner
Sirocco The Carolina Reaper ”Soraya”. Congrats Josephine!

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