BOS, Nordic CC & R-CC!


11th of May, Lidköping Nordic DS, Judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin

BOS with Nordic CC & champion class winner, Morgan (Top CCD 17 NV-18 KBHW-18 MultiCh Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine)!

3d best bitch & 2nd in champion bitches, Thea (NORDW-14 DKW-14 & 18 MultiCh Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy)!

2nd in junior bitches with CQ out of 9, Uma (NORDJW-19 Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home).

12th of May, SDHK, Judge Cathrin Lundberg Westin

4th best bitch with Reserve CC & 2nd in junior bitches, Uma (NordJW-18 Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home)!

4th best male & 3d in champion males, Morgan (TOP CCD 17 NW-18 KBHW-18 Multich Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine).

2nd in champion bitches with CQ, Thea (NordW-14 DKW-14 & 18 Multich Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy).