8th of april, CCD Specialty Sundsvall, Judge Juha Kares

I am over the moon and so proud! First Morgan (Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine) won the open class and went on to place himself as 3d best male with his 20th CC which made him SWEDISH CHAMPION on his second try! But it didn’t end there! Juni (NJW16 HELJW16 Sirocco I’ll Have A Drama McQueen) won a big open class with 14 entered and ended the day as 3d best bitch with her 5th swedish CC which made her SWEDISH and FINNISH CHAMPION on her first try! Both champions on their first and second try after turning two years old in february and like the cherry on top at a Breed Specialty under a well reknown judge!
Huge congrats to Biggan!