5th of January, Gothenburg IDS, Judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin


What a way to start the year! Thea (NordW-14 DKW-14 MultiCh Sirocco Jealoust Breeds Envy) goes Best bitch with CACIB & BOS!

Juni (NJW-16 HelJW-16 Sirocco I’ll Have A Drama McQueen) went second in the junior class with CQ, Aska (NordJW-15 DKJW-15 KbhJW-15 Ch Sirocco Omen Over Northumbria) was third in the champion class with CQ, Rossi (MultiCh BIS Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) won champion males with CQ and Morgan (Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine) was second in junior males with CQ. Torkel (Sirocco The Great Heaten Army) was excellent third in open males and Fille (Sirocco The Real Rook N Rolla) got excellent in junior males. Congrats to Niklas Lundberg and Katarina Bergman!

Sirocco was second best breeders group with HP!