BOS & Best Breeders Group!


15th of october, Sundsvall IDS, Judge Henrik Johansson

BOS with CACIB, Thea (NordW-14 DKW-14 MultiCh S. Jealousy Breeds Envy) and second best bitch with R-CACIB ,which will become CACIB, Aska (NordJW-15 DKJW-15 KbhJW-15 Ch S. Omen Over Northumbria)! Third best male and winner of the champion class Ozzy (Ch S. Sweet But Wicked Dwelling), congrats to co-owner Eva Söderqvist! Third in champion males with CQ Rossi (MultiCh BIS S. Greedy Hands Of Man) and second in open males Torkel (S. The Great Heaten Army)! Congrats to Niklas Lundberg and Katarina Bergman! Sirocco also went Best Breeders Group with HP and a comment from the judge to the judge trainee that she should really enjoy the view of such a great group!


BOB Myrtan’s Topnotch BOS NordW-14 DKW-14 MultiCh Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy