Lovely results at Vännäs Nat!


13th of June, Vännäs Nat, Judge Åsa Andersson

Winner of the champion bitch class and second best bitch was Thea (MultiCh NordW-14 DKW-14 Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy)!
Right behind her as third best bitch with R-CAC and winner of the open class was Viska (Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide)! 
Fourth best male and winner of the champion male class was Ozzy (Ch Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling), congratulations to co-owner Eva Söderqvist!
Third in the junior class with CQ was our crazy horse Aska (Sirocco Omen Over Northumbria) and second in the champion male class with CQ was Rossi (Ch Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man), co-owner Niklas Enerstedt. Torkel (Sirocco The Great Heaten Army) and his owner Katarina Bergman debuted in the junior class with excellent, great job! 

On top of that we were also awarded Best Breeders Group with Hp and Best Progeny Group with Hp out of our Chibi (MultiCh BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It)! The dogs in the groups were all out of Chibi and represented the three different combinations we have had with her; Rossi and Thea out of Ch Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade, Ozzy out of Ch Neddie’s Adorable Alram and Aska out of Ch Maybell’s Lord Of The Rings!