BOS, BIS 3 & BIS 4!


6th og September Högbo Nat, Judge Irina Poletaeva


Rossi (Ch Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) BOS and winner of a big champion class with lots of nice males! Huge congratulations to co-owner and handler Niklas Enerstedt!  Ozzy (Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling) winner of the Junior male class with Exc and CQ and on top of that third Best male with CAC! Well done and congratulations to co-owner and handler Eva Söderqvist! 
Viska (Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide) BOB-Junior and winner of the bitch Junior class with Exc and CQ, and third Best bitch with R-CAC! Thea (Multich Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy) second in the champion class with Exc and CQ.
We ended the day by becoming Best Breeders Group and Best Progeny Group! Proud mother was of course Chibi (Multich BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It)! But we didn’e end there! We became BIS 4 BREEDERS GROUP and BIS 3 PROGENY GROUP under judge Natalja Skalin! We are so happy and proud!

IMG_3299BOB Ridgecrest Swedish Success BOS CH Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man

IMG_3433MultiCH BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It with her kids

7th of September Högbo INT, Judge Joakim Ohlsson

Best Progeny group with Honour Prize and second best breeders group with Honour Prize. Second in the intermediate bitch class with Exc Alice (Sirocco Gaze Upon Penumbra) and third with Exc Viska (Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide). Second in the Champion class with Exc and CQ Thea (MultiCh Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy). Forth in the intermediate male class with Exc Ozzy (Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling) and fifth in the Champion class with Exc Rossi (Ch Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man).

IMG_3506Sirocco Gaze Upon Penumbra