Great results from Vännäs Nat Show!


16:th of June, Vännäs, Judge Jan Stääv (Swe)

We are super proud to announce that Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check) got his first CAC this weekend! He won a big open class with nine entered males and the judge said that he where really impressed by the high quality and that it would be a hard choise. He ended up as second best male with CAC only beaten by one champion male. Also Chess (S. Trouble In My Eyes) where shown for the first time in a very long time and she did great, placing as no 3 with CQ in a very big class for open bitches.

Open class males
Exellent 1 QC, 2.nd best male with CAC Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check)
Exellent, Charlie (S. Welcome To The Black Parade)

Open class bitches
Exellent 3 CQ, Chess (S. Trouble In My Eyes)

Champion class bitches
Excellent 2 CQ 3:d best bitch, Chibi (MultiCh BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It)

Ne-Yo Chess

At the same show Elin also handled the Irish Wolfhounds Ravenpond’s Rob Roy and Ravenpond’s Royal Rapsody to second best male with CAC and second best bitch with R-CAC under judge Rui Oliviera!