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Top Winning Crested Male & Bitch 2017!
Top Winning Breeder 2019 & 2017!

Sirocco was founded by Elin & Birgitta Gunnarsson in 2005, owners of CCD since 1999.
Since 2017 Elin is the sole owner of the Sirocco prefix.


Elin with MultiCh Christmas CupW-10 Sirocco Sad Like Winter Leaved & Birgitta with MultiCh BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It

Certified breeder by the Swedish Kennel Club & Chinese Crested Club Of Sweden.

The Sirocco vision: 
To breed healthy, mentally firm & anatomically correct cresteds in accordance with my interpretation of the standard. The crested is not only a beautiful creature but also an amazing companion & friend.


Elin with  MultiCh BIS BISS Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man, NordW-14 DKW-14 MultiCh Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy,
NordCh Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling & NordJW-15 DKJW-15 KBHJW-15 NordCh S. Omen Over Northumbria

The dogs live as family members in my home & are activated by free long walks in the nature, agility, tracking, obedience & other activities they find fun.

Health tests for:
PLL & prcd-PRA

Dog Shows:
Winner Titles
Champion Titles

Top Winning Crested & Junior 2017 & Top Winning Male 2019

DKW-19 NW-19 NW-18 KBHW-18 MultiCh BISS Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine

Top Winning Bitch 2017 & Top Winning Brood Bitch 2019

NordW-14 DKW-18 DKW-14 MultiCh BISS Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy

Top Winning Junior 2019

DKW-19 NORDJW-18 Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home

Top Winning Breeder

Top Breeder 2019 & 2017
2nd Top Winning Breeder 2016 & 2015
3d Top Winning Breeder 2018
4th Top Winning Breeder 2014 & 2013

Top Winning Brood Bitch 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014

Amongst the Top 20 Crested every year!


The Chinese Crested Dog has everything you can wish for in a dog!