We train our our dogs in agility as often as possible (unfortunately, agility competitions had to stand aside, as they often clash with exhibits). The crested is extremely well suited for agility cause it is both quick and agile, and we have had many rewarding moments with our cresteds on the track, when most of them love agility!MultiCh BIS BISS NIKITA

                                                                                                                                                                       MultiCh BIS BISS Nikita

Tindra competed in 2005 and 2006 in agility both officially and unofficially, and this with excellent results. She was among other things, honored with the title “Rookie of the Year 2005” (all categories) at the local kennel club in Nordmaling, with the following statement from the Competition Sector:

“For reaching success at the agility courses in a very short time, and has already gained great routine and success”

                                                                                                                                             Ch Willow Star’s Mayflower “Tindra” & Elin

At the end of year 2006-2007  Tindra was seriously injured in the back. She is now fully recovered, but we will not continue to train/compete in agility with her. Tindra will continue with the show, obedience and tracking as she loves to work. She was a real star in agility and we will remember her rampage on the agility course with pride.

Results Tindra (CH Willow Star’s Mayflower)

Date/Place Class Placing
050703 Sjulnäs Agility Class 1 Disq
Jump Class 1 Disq
050722 Gålsjö cup Agility Class 1 15; 30,07 faults
Jump Class 1 2; 0 fel Stick
050723 Gålsjö cup Agility Class 1 10; 11,3 faults
Jump Class 1 3; 0,94 faults
050724 Gålsjö cup Jump Class 1 2; 0,50 faults
050813 Åsele Agility Class 1 2; 6,18 faults
Jump Class 1 1; 0 fel Stick
050827 Åbyn-Byske Agility Class 1 4; 24,03 faults
Jump Class 1 2; 0 faults, Stick Advancing to Jump class 2
060708 Agility Class 1 6; 15 faults
Jump Class 2 3; 15 faults