The “7” in BIS & Group!

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Regional show, Russia.

Yet again the great results just keep on rolling in! Freya (S. Broken Wings Of Sloth) with her owner/handler Katerina Sharuda was, at her debut show, BPIB and Reserve BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! Judge Julia Lakatosh (Rus). Huge congratulations!

Tromsö National Show, Norway.

Her litter sister Annie (S. Mortal Sinful Lust) continued her winning in Norway by becoming BPOS and BPIB. She was also awarded a Reserve Best Puppy In Group! Big congrats to owner/handler Lola Folcke!

Great results from Vännäs Nat Show!

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16:th of June, Vännäs, Judge Jan Stääv (Swe)

We are super proud to announce that Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check) got his first CAC this weekend! He won a big open class with nine entered males and the judge said that he where really impressed by the high quality and that it would be a hard choise. He ended up as second best male with CAC only beaten by one champion male. Also Chess (S. Trouble In My Eyes) where shown for the first time in a very long time and she did great, placing as no 3 with CQ in a very big class for open bitches.

Open class males
Exellent 1 QC, 2.nd best male with CAC Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check)
Exellent, Charlie (S. Welcome To The Black Parade)

Open class bitches
Exellent 3 CQ, Chess (S. Trouble In My Eyes)

Champion class bitches
Excellent 2 CQ 3:d best bitch, Chibi (MultiCh BIS Vanitonia Rumor Has It)

Ne-Yo Chess

At the same show Elin also handled the Irish Wolfhounds Ravenpond’s Rob Roy and Ravenpond’s Royal Rapsody to second best male with CAC and second best bitch with R-CAC under judge Rui Oliviera!


5 shows in Denmark, BIS Baby Puppy!

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26th-28th of May, Aalborg Denmark

Father and son, Charlie and Leo, had a lill’ reunion in Denmark and they both did great!

Leo (S. Prisoner Of Pride) where shown at three shows and became Best Baby Puppy In Breed each time! And like the cherry on top he also became BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW, in the only final he entered! Huge congrats Camilla!

Charlie (S. Welcome To The Black Parade)
10-12 entered in the open class each show.
Show 1- Excellent, judge Andi Hudono, Indonesia
Show 2- Excellent 3 CQ, Branislav Rajic, Slovenia
Show 3- Excellent, Henrik Johansson, Sweden
Show 4- Excellent 2 CQ, 3d best male with R-CAC, Clodagh Fallon, Ireland
Show 5- Excellent 4, Antatoli Zhuk, Belarus

Even more star quality shown by the “7”

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Now both Annie (S. Mortal Sinful Lust) and Sara (S. Gluttony Above Beauty) have made their show debuts, and they did it as well as their brothers and sisters! Annie BPIB & BPOS in Norway under judge Brenda Banbury and Joe Schepers! Sara went second best puppy, all breeds, of the “blue” awarded dogs at a match show in Finland! Huge congratulations to Lola and Maria Kennel Artic Flyer and Heli Kennel Pudervippans!

Sara & Annie 

The Show debut for the 7 Deadly Sins!

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We are more then happy to announce that three of the puppies out of the “7 Deadly Sins” litter have now made their show debut in the puppy class only 4,5 months old, and they did great! Here in Sweden Thea (S. Jealousy Breeds Envy) and Rossi (S. Greedy Hands Of Man) where shown at a match show in Vännäs and Thea ended up as Best Puppy In Breed and Rossi as Best Puppy Of Opposite Sex!

In Norway that very same weekend Leo (S. Prisoner Of Pride) where shown in Rogland and he also ended up as Best Puppy In Breed!

Huge congratulations to Rossis owner Niklas and to Leos owner Camilla! You’re doing a great job!

From left to right: Rossi, Thea & Leo

Japan Winner 2012 & BOB with CACIB!

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Tokyo Japan INT, Japan W-12, 1:st of April. Judge Mr. Junya Muragishi

We want to send our a huge congratulation to Miki Onimaru who showed her Jamie (S. Mars Bars N Superstars) to BOB with CACIB and MCAC at the biggest show in Japan in Tokyo! As the cherry on top he also gained the title of Japan Winner 2012 ! We are so proud of them! Miki you are doing a great job with Jamie, we couldn’t as for a better home for him!

Two times Best Of Breed & 2x CAC!

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Osaka Japan 10:th & 11:th of March

We want to send a HUGE congratulations to Miki Onimaru who showed Jamie (S. Mars Bars N Superstars) to two times BOB, one Major CAC and one CAC in Osaka Japan this month!  We are so proud of you both! Breed Judges Mr.Robert Dawson (Philippines) and Ms. Catherine Camac (Australia).

Good luck!

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Just want to wish the owners of some of the puppies in the “7 Deadly Sins” Litter good luck with their new babies! We hope that you’ll have a great time with you new family members and that you’ll have alot of fun with them in the future!

Sirocco Gluttony Above Beauty, Owner: Kjell & Heli Backlund, Pudervippans Chinese Cresteds Finland

Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man, Owner: Nicklas Lundberg & Sirocco Chinese Cresteds

Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride, Owner: Camilla Meyn BoysBoys Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Breed Specialty

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2012-02-25, Flen CC Specialty, Judge Kresten Scheel (Dk)

We only brought two dogs with us, Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check) and Qita (Multich BIS BISS Nikita). In a competition with over 100 entered cresteds they both won their classes with CQ, Ne-Yo the intermediate class and Qita the champion class. Qita also ended up as fourth best bitch and Ne-Yo was BOS intermediate, beaten by the final BISS!


                 Qita in the Champion class                                Ne-Yo BOS Intermediate