WOW what a weekend!

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16th of June, Jakobstad Finland, Judge Sara Nordin

BOB Royalette’s Bond James Bond & BOS Sirocco White Trash Circus 

Ne-Yo (JBIS Vanitonia Reality Check) and Yippi (Sirocco White Trash Circus) were the two dogs that went to Finland and they did great! Ne-Yo second best male with R-CAC and Yippi won a open bitch class with 8 participants and went on becoming best bitch with CAC amd BOS! This made her SWEDISH and FINNISH CHAMPION! We are so proud!

15th of June, Vännäs INT, Judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe

Qita (MultiCh BIS BISS Nikita had her first time out in the veteran class, 10 years old. She went BOB-Veteran with CQ and ended up as second best bitch! Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) kept on impressing and went second best male from the intermediate class with R-CACIB and his third R-CAC in three shows! Huge congratulations to owner/handler Niklas Lundberg. We also got Best Breeders Group with Hp with Rossi, Thea, Charlie and Yippi. We did not have the time to stay for the finals.


A lot of Sirocco dogs did great at this show!
3d in the male open class with CQ Rocky (Sirocco Milky Way N Gamma Ray), owned/hadled by Maria Söderström
2nd in the champion class with CQ Charlie (Ch Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade)
2nd in the intermediate class with CQ Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy)
2nd in a big open class with CQ Yippi (Sirocco White Trash Circus)
Exellent in the open bitch class Molly (Sirocco Tootsie Pops N Pork Chops) owned/handled by Eva Olofsson


Yet again Japan Winner!

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7th of April FCI Japan Int Dog Show 2013

Huge congratulations to Miki and Jamie (Japan W-12 & W-13 No 1 Crested 2012 Ch Sirocco Mars Bars N Superstars) who yet again became BOB with CACIB and JP W-13! We are so proud! Judge: Mr. Kikuhiko Kashiwagi

Two CAC & BOS!

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8th of June, Kemi Finland, Judge Dusan Paunovic

First out Ne-Yo (BIS Junior Vanitonia Reality Check) winning the open class with exc and CQ and also becomes best male with CAC! Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy) second in the intermediate class with exc and CQ. Yippi (Sirocco White Trash Circus) winner of the open class with exc and CQ and later on second best bitch with CAC!

Group Second & BOB!

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19th of May, Sochi Russia

Huge congratulations to Katerina Sharuda and Freya (RusJCh Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth) that went Best Of Breed with CAC and like the cherry on top Group Second!

What a show weekend!

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19th of May, Luleå STDA, Judge Kurt Nilsson

BOB CH Ridgecrest Secret Weapon & BOS Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy

BOS with CAC and Best Junior in Breed, Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy)!

3d best male with R-CAC and Best Intermediate in Breed, Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man), huge congratulations to owner/handler Niklas!

4th best male (the father of the two above) Charlie (Ch Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade)!

Exc 3 in the open class Yippi (Sirocco White Trash Circus)

And the above mentioned dogs took part of our Winning Breeders Group with HP!

18th of May Piteå SKC, Judge Henrik Johansson

4th best male with R-CAC, Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man), congratulations to owner/handler Niklas!

Exc 4th in the Champion class, Charlie (Ch Sirocco Welcome To the Black Parade).

3d in the Junior class, Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy).

Rossi 4th best male with R-CAC 

WOW look at those results!

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We are super proud over all owners with Sirocco dogs that take such good care of their loved ones!

RUSSIA 2013-04-28 Nat Russian Show Sochi

BOB with CAC and BEST OF GROUP! Freya (RusJCh Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth), congratulations to owner/handler Katerina Sharuda!

NORWAY 2013-04-27 Nat Show Letohallen

Third best male with R-CAC Leo (Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride)! Congratulations to Camilla Meyn (BoysBoys)

SWEDEN 2013-04-28 Västerås Nat Show

Excellent 4 in the open class, Rocky (Sirocco Milky Way N Gamma Ray)! Congratulations to Maria Söderström!

Sweden 2013-05-09 Nordmaling Match  show

BOB, BIG and BEST IN SHOW 3! Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man)! Congratulations to Niklas Lundberg! 




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7th of April, Bergen Int, Norway

Big congratulations to Camilla Meyn with Leo (Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride) that became best male, BOS, with CAC and CACIB this weekend under judge Helge Werner Hagen! We are so proud!

Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride BOS & Ch Annabelle Grace BOB 

Chinese Crested Of the Year!

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Japan W-12 Ch Sirocco Mars Bars N Superstars “Jamie” is CHINESE CRESTED OF THE YEAR in Japan 2012! We are over the moon and want to send our biggest congratulations to Jamies super mum Miki Onimaru! We are so incredible proud of you both! Jamie is a son of Sirocco Walking On High Heels and a half brother to our Charlie (Ch Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade) and Yippi (Sirocco White Trash Circus). (Fun facts, crested bitch of the year was Vanitonia Cookie Dough, litter mate to our Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check)).

Going BOB & Group 2:nd
The same day as Jamie traveled to Japan with Miki