Great results in Japan & Russia!

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9th of November, Kyushu Int Japan Judge: Sandy Wheat, US

We are proud to announce our first home bred INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Sirocco Mars Bars N Superstars “Jamie”! Jamie went Best Of Breed with CACIB in Kyushu, where he gained his C.I.B, and in Osaka the 8th of December he gained one more CACIB! Jamie is also TOP CHINESE CRESTED IN JAPAN 2013, for the second year in a row!  Huge congratulations to owner/handler Miki Onimaru, we are over the moon!

15th of December, Stavropol Russia, Judge Markov Damir

Huge congratulations to Katerina Sharuda and Freya (Ch Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth) who went best female with CACIB last weekend!

Last show of the year! Thea R-CAC!

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7th of December, Stockholm SW-13 INT

With us on the last, and most prestigious, show of the year we had three dogs; the young siblings Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy) and Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) and the grand old lady Qita (MultiCh BIS BISS BISS-Veteran Nikita), and they all did great! Rossi went exc second in the intermediate class with CQ under judge Robert Dunlop. Qita went best veteran bitch with exc and CQ and later on BOS-Veteran under judge Hans Van Den Berg. Thea won the intermediate class with exc and CQ and ended the day by becoming third best bitch with R-CAC under breed specialist Robert Dunlop (Habiba). Worth to mention is that the final four in the best bitch competition consisted of four of the top five bitches this year in Sweden.

Thea’s great result at NV-13

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17th of November, Lilleström INT, Judge Jean Lanning

Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy) did great at her first show in Norway. With an entry of over 80 cresteds she won the intermediate class with exc and CQ and ended the day by being placed as third best bitch with R-CAC! The judge gave her a stunning written and open critique.


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16th of November, Norberg CC Specialty, Judge Adam Ostrowski

What an amazing day! We couldn’t be happier! Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) does not only win the intermediate class with excellent and CQ, but goes all the way by becoming best male with CAC! Later on he met his sister Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy), who won the bitch intermediate class with exc and CQ, and went BISS Intermediate over her! Rossi ended the day by becoming RESERVE BISS & BOS! Huge congrats to co-owner/handler Niklas Enerstedt! Qita (MultiCh BIS BISS Nikita) went BISS VETERAN and fourth best bitch at the tender age of 10,5 years, showing the youngsters how it’s done. Viska (Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide) became 5th best puppy bitch with Honour prize out of 12 bitches. Over 100 cresteds were entered to this years Chinese crested winter specialty under breed specialist Adam Ostrowski (Germanika).


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1st of November, Växjö INT, Judge Karl-Erik Johansson

We are thrilled to announce that Leo (Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride) not only won the open class at Växjö INT but also went best male with CACIB and CAC! But he did not end there, he went all the way to BEST OF BREED, in a fierce competition with the top winning cresteds in Sweden today! Huge congratulations to our lovely Camilla Meyn! You are doing a great job!

BOB Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride & BOS Myrtan’s Money Honey


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12th of October, Sundsvall INT, Judge Åsa Andersson

Finally Ne-Yo (Vanitonia Reality Check) takes his crowning CAC for both his SWEDISH and FINNISH CHAMPIONSHIPS! This by winning the open class with Exc and CQ and later on 3d best male with CAC! Rossi (Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man) Exc 2nd in the intermediate class, Thea (Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy) Exc 1st with CQ in the intermediate class and 4th best bitch with R-CAC! Alice (Sirocco Gaze Upon Penumbra) debuted in a huge junior class and got Exc 3d with CQ!  

13th of October, Timrå STDA, Judge Laurent Heinesche

Today Ozzy (Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling) stood for the highlight of the day. He did not only win Best Puppy In Breed but also went BEST PUPPY IN SHOW 3 in a fierce competition under judge Jean-Francois Vanaken! Congratulations to co-owner Eva Söderqvist! His litter sister Viska (Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide) went 2nd best puppy bitch with Honour Prize and in Norway their sister Vips (Sirocco From Ashes To Abundance) debuted by becoming BPOS!


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28th of September, Sochi Russia “Velvet Season 2013”

We are proud to present our very first RUSSIAN CHAMPION! Freya (Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth) did not only become best bitch with CAC and CACIB she also became BEST OF BREED! Huge congratulations to owner/handler Katerina Sharuda! We are so proud of you both!


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14th of September, Rogaland Int. Norway, Judge Geoffrey G Curr

Huge congratulations to Leo (Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride) and his owner/handler Camilla Meyn to Best male with CACIB & CAC and BOS at the internationall show in Rogaland, Norway, this weekend! We are so proud!