BOS for the old lady! Västerås Nordic

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17th of July, Judge Nina Karlsdotter

Best Of Opposite Sex and Best Veteran In Breed, Thea (MultiW MultiCh BISS Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy)! 

3d best male and 2nd in open males Oggy (SJW-19 NJW-19 BISS Sirocco Like A Million Scoville). Co-owner Malin Svalin. 

4th best male and winner of junior males, Montes (Sirocco Infinity On The Side). Co-owner Therese Blank. 

3d in champion males with CQ, Morgan (MultiW MultiCh BISS Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine).

Exc 4th in open bitches, Uma (DKW-19 NORDJW-18 Ch Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home).


Summary of 2020

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2020 will go down in history as the year that put the whole world up side down due to COVID19. In Sweden we only had three shows before everything was cancelled. With that said i am very proud to say that Sirocco had Best Of Breed (and one BISS) at all three of these shows and also Best Of Opposite Sex at two of them. No “Top dogs” was awarded during 2020, but the score (that will be pushed over to 2021) when we went into 2021 was:  

Top Lists 2020

Top Winning Breeder SIROCCO

Top Winning CCD #1

Top CCD 17 DKW-19 NW-19 NW-18 KBHW-18 MultiCh BISS
Breed record holder with 20 Swe CACs
Sirocco Lunatic Toc Tamarine “Morgan”

Top Winning Bitch #1 & Top Winning CCD #2

Top Winning Veteran #1 

NORDW-14 DKW-18 DKW-14 BISS MultiCh
Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy “Thea”

Top Winning CCD #3 & Top Winning Bitch #2

Bitch Breed record holder with 17 Swe CAC
Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home “Uma” 

Top Winning CCD #5 & Top Winning Male #2

SEJW-19 NJW-19 BISS Sirocco Like A Million Scoville, Co-owner Malin Svalin 

#7 Top Winning Agility CCD

AGHDI Sirocco Tequila Lime Loco Time “Frankie”, Owner Nathalie Leijonhöf

Statistics 2020 for four dogs shown:

  • Best In Specialty Show- 1 out of 1
  • Best Of Breed- 3 out of 3
  • Best Of Opposite Sex- 2 out of 3
  • CACIB- 2 out of 2
  • Nordic CAC- 2 out of 2
  • CAC- 3 out of 6 
  • Best Breeders Group- 3 out of 3, Best In Show 3 & Best Breeders Group In Specialty Show 
  • Crufts Qualification- 2 out of 2

To read about these shows klick on the following links: 

MyDog 1 Gothenburg Nordic Dog Show
MyDog 2 Gothenburg International Dog Show
Breed Specialty Eskilstuna

During 2020 two beautiful healthy litters was born at Sirocco



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28th of September, Sochi Russia “Velvet Season 2013”

We are proud to present our very first RUSSIAN CHAMPION! Freya (Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth) did not only become best bitch with CAC and CACIB she also became BEST OF BREED! Huge congratulations to owner/handler Katerina Sharuda! We are so proud of you both!

Great results!

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17th of August, Överkalix, Judge Nils Molin

In cold wind and pouring rain our dogs did great! Alice’s (Sirocco Gaze Upon Penumbra) second time in the puppy class and again she went Best Puppy In Breed! Ne-Yo second in the open class with Exc and CQ and ended up as second best male with R-CAC! Thea repeated his result after winning the intermediate class with Exc and CQ and went second best bitch with R-CAC!

Alice BPIB